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  • Crow's feet. Eye bags. Dark Circles. Puffiness. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, these occur naturally with age. But what if in minutes you could drastically improve your eye area, looking 5-10 years younger? Today you can.

    With Flawless, you'll look like you had an eye lift, but at a fraction of the cost. Our lightweight serum uses an innovative peptide — called Argireline — to give you a beautiful eye area without the need for expensive fillers, dermatologist visits, plastic surgery, or Botox.

    To understand how Flawless works, allow us to briefly explain the science behind our serum. Neuropeptides send signals to our facial muscles, telling them to relax. Because the Argireline peptide prevents the underlying muscles from contracting, wrinkles can't form. The result? Beautiful, age-defying eyes!

    However, that isn't just our opinion. Argireline has been tested and proven to yield amazing benefits. For example,

    "in a randomized study, Argireline was tested against a placebo, as reported in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. Within 30 days, placebo users experienced no change to the eye area while the Argireline users experienced a 48.9% reduction in wrinkles."

    And not only does Flawless dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles in minutes, but it also prevents the formation of new wrinkles over time. A serum that tightens skin, minimizes under eye bags, enhances elasticity, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? That's right.

    If you want to defy aging, Flawless is a MUST-HAVE in your beauty arsenal.

    Recommended Use: For the best results, apply truVitaliti's Flawless under the eye area in the morning before applying makeup.

  • Eyelashes grow in a cycle where old lashes are replaced by new ones. As we get older, this cycle of rejuvenation slows down and can give the appearance of thinning lashes.

    Fortunately, truVitaliti’s Lash Enhance serum was formulated to help you grow longer, thicker, darker lashes in just a few weeks. It works by reducing lash breakage while moisturizing for softer, more beautiful lashes. Thanks to a blend of peptides, amino acids, vitamins and natural growth enhancers, this lightweight serum can provide big benefits.


    • Acts as a humectant which reduces the loss of moisture in the lashes
    • Increases hydration in the lashes


    • Derived from Vitamin B5
    • Keeps lashes lubricated
    • Gives them a healthy sheen


    • A peptide that helps promote hair growth


    • An amino-acid that helps promote growth
    • Helps to ensure that hair follicles are rebuilt after loss occurs


    • Increases blood flow to the eyelash area
    • Promotes hair growth in the lashes


    • Produces keratin
    • Promotes hair strength
    • Reduces breakage


    • Contains glycoproteins, which have a follicle-stimulating hormone
    • Helps stimulate and ensure new hair growth


    • Lengthens your lashes
    • Helps keep them strong
  • Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

    In just minutes, Flawless creates a smoother, firmer, age-defying eye area.

    Diminish Under Eye Bags and Puffiness

    Minimizes puffiness, resulting in a less fatigued, more radiant appearance.

    Inhibit the Formation of New Wrinkles

    With Flawless, muscles around the eye relax, preventing new wrinkles from forming.

    Moisturize and Soften Skin

    Smooths out fine lines and moisturizes skin, creating a beautiful, younger-looking you.

  • Who is this product best suited for?

    This product is suited to any individual who wants to improve their skin’s appearance while reducing visible signs of aging. It can be used by those who are already suffering from wrinkles or by those who are just starting to show signs of wrinkle formation.

    What is the best way to use Flawless?

    Truly Flawless relies heavily on how it's applied. Follow the 4 easy steps listed below for best results.

    1. Wash Face

    Use soap or your favorite facial wash to get your face squeaky clean.

    2. Apply Serum

    Twist open the cap and apply a small amount to the tip of your finger. Use your finger to lightly tap/dab an extremely thin layer to your under eye and crow's feet area. I can't stress how important that the layer be extra thin. Less IS more with this product.

    3. Rub Fully Into Skin

    Be sure to fully rub Flawless into your skin, gently. If you notice any white residue upon drying, it is because the serum was applied too thick and can easily be dabbed away. The application process takes practice to learn how much to use and how well it needs rubbed into your skin... So keep practicing and each application show better and better results.

    4. Apply makeup

    You don’t need to neglect your makeup because you used our Truly Flawless serum. Think about using water-based foundations to help improve results.

    I have darker skin, will it still work on me?

    Yes, Flawless is designed to work on all skin types.

    How long will the results last?

    When applied properly, the immediate results from Flawless last 6-8 hours. However, because Flawless inhibits muscle contractions in the eye area, wrinkles caused by facial expressions will also decrease in time with regular usage.

    I have very sensitive skin, will this product cause any rashes or side effect?

    As Flawless is made from all-natural ingredients, most individuals should experience no side effects from using it. Always test it on a small patch of skin prior to use to ensure you react fine before using.

    Can this product lead to acne?

    As Flawless helps to reduce oil, it usually will help clear up acne, not lead to it. Again, be sure to test the product on a small area prior to using.

    Should I use a moisturizer with this product?

    Yes! We recommend you use a moisturizer prior to applying Flawless, ensuring that it dries completely prior to the application.

    How is Flawless different from Complete Under Eye Repair?

    Although both products use powerful ingredients to improve the appearance of the eye area, they work differently. Flawless yields results in just a few minutes that last for 6-8 hours. Complete Under Eye Repair is designed to create a lasting difference over time.

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