Worried About Wrinkles? Argireline May Be the Answer


Do you remember where you were when you spotted your first wrinkle?  Maybe you were in the car, glanced into the rearview mirror, and thought, “Wait—what’s that?!!”  Or perhaps you were applying makeup when you couldn’t help but notice that what you thought was a “sleep line” was still present, long after you had woken up.

Wherever you were, no doubt it was an unpleasant shock to discover that your age had finally caught up to your face. And unfortunately, once you found your first wrinkle, you probably realized that others weren’t far behind.  The transition from just one tiny, little line—to the development of crow’s feet, marionette lines, and the between-the-brows “11” wrinkle—can seem to take place in such a short amount of time.  Sigh.

So, how can we handle the onset of wrinkles?  Although we can’t stop time, many of us try all kinds of wrinkle treatments in the hopes of making it look like we did.  And yet, there is one main problem with this approach…

Current Wrinkle Treatments Are Expensive and Have Unpleasant Side Effects

Unfortunately, there really has never been an ideal treatment on the market to combat wrinkles.  Think about it.  Basically, you can choose between face lifts, Botox, dermal fillers, and “age defying” creams.

botoxFor most women, plastic surgery, Botox, and fillers are simply unaffordable.  For instance, the average cost of a face lift is $6,650! And while Botox and fillers don’t require the same upfront investment, they’re expensive too.  Depending on the number of wrinkles you have, Botox can run anywhere from $1200-$4800 a year, and temporary fillers—the safest kind—can easily cost $2,000 a year.

And if cost isn’t a concern, oftentimes, the side effects are.  These invasive procedures often come with negative side effects like bruising, possible scarring, long recovery times, anesthesia complications, and even temporary blindness.

Yes, Botox—long considered safe by most consumers—can result in temporary blindness if it’s injected by someone who lacks the professional training that a dermatologist has.  Women have been known to receive Botox injections in crow’s feet and later have the toxin migrate into the muscles that control the eyeball.  When this occurs, the patient experiences blindness until the Botox wears off.  Egads!

For these reasons, many women prefer to stick to products that are safer and more affordable, like anti-aging creams.  Yet unfortunately, while these can help somewhat, they don’t offer radical improvement.

While that analysis may be depressing, we don’t intend to leave you in a wrinkle-related funk.  There is actually a wonderful ingredient on the market that is affordable, offers remarkable results, and lacks the negative side effects that are found with more traditional options.


Introducing the Amazing Neuropeptide, Argireline 

What the heck is a Neuropeptide?

You might be wondering. Well, without boring you to tears discussing the complexities of amino acid chains, we’ll give you the short answer.  A neuropeptide sends signals to our facial muscles, telling them to relax.

Quite simply, neurotransmitters cause muscles to contract.  When these neurotransmitters are blocked, the muscles can’t contract, meaning that wrinkles are prevented from forming.

While this sounds great, you’re probably questioning how well Argireline works.


Frankly, the Results Are Nothing Short of Miraculous

happyOne study showed that female volunteers experienced a 17% decrease in eye wrinkles after 15 days of treatment and a 27% reduction after 30 days of treatment.  Although this study was done by Lipotec—the company that makes Argireline—independent research has confirmed these phenomenal results.

For instance, in a Chinese study, Argireline was tested against a placebo.  Sixty individuals were given either Argireline or a placebo to apply to the wrinkles around their eyes twice a day.  After 30 days, there was no change in wrinkles with the placebo group.  However, the Argireline group experienced a 48.9% reduction in wrinkles.

Even better, Argireline doesn’t just prevent the formation of new wrinkles.  It also targets the wrinkles you have, reducing their depth, and making skin smoother in just 2 weeks.

Clearly, this stuff works!


Why Is Argireline Superior to Other Wrinkle Treatments?

Although Argireline works similarly to Botox (some people have even called it Botox in a bottle!), it doesn’t have the same unpleasant side effects that many other anti-wrinkle treatments do.  Because it’s applied topically, there is no risk of bruising or scarring, no painful injection, and it doesn’t even require a visit to the dermatologist.  Argireline can even be applied to the sensitive undereye area where Botox injections aren’t recommended.


Furthermore, unlike other wrinkle creams, Argireline offers dramatic results.  It gives users a youthful, smoother complexion that looks likes you visited a dermatologist, rather than purchased an over-the-counter product.

As you can see, an Argireline cream or serum just may be your best defense against aging.  But the results aren’t the only reason women are raving about Argireline.  The price is another huge factor in its popularity.  Argireline is available for only a fraction of the cost of Botox, plastic surgery, and fillers.


The Take-Away on this Breakthrough Wrinkle Treatment

If you find your wrinkles bothersome, we recommend that you give Argireline a try.  This “wonder”” peptide prevents new wrinkles, minimizes the appearance of existing wrinkles, and leaves you with softer, younger-looking skin.  While Argireline can’t prevent your next birthday from coming around, it can certainly make you look like it did!

Are you eager to try Argireline?  Have you used it already?  Please leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts about this innovative neuropeptide.  We’d love to hear what you think about this exciting new wrinkle treatment!


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