Psst…Wanna Know How to Look Younger in Just 5 Minutes?

Psst…Wanna Know How to Look Younger in Just 5 Minutes?

Are you disappointed with the results you’re getting from your eye cream?  Do you find that even after using it for weeks, you’re barely seeing a difference?  Does your eye cream subtract years from your age?

If you answered no to these questions, you need to learn about truVitaliti’s Flawless.

Flawless is an anti-aging powerhouse that smooths away wrinkles, red
uces dark circles, eliminates under eye “bags,” and firms the eye area—within minutes.  However, don’t just take our word for it.

Further down in this post, we’ll show you actual video proof of just how rapidly and effectively this serum works.  But first, let’s discuss the science behind it.

The Nifty Neuropeptide Found in Flawless…

To explain how Flawless works, it helps if you first understand what Botox does.  Botox blocks the release of neurotransmitters, interfering with the muscles’ ability to contract.

By contrast, truVitaliti’s Flawless uses a neuropeptide—a molecule used by neurons to communicate with each other—to get those same muscles to relax.  Because the muscles around the eyes are relaxed, wrinkles “melt” away.

In fact, the Argireline neuropeptide is so effective it’s been called Botox in a bottle—except it’s cheaper, faster-acting, safer, and can be applied at home.

Is Flawless Proven to Work?

Because I know you’ve heard so many ridiculous anti-aging claims over the years, I have some videos to show you.  Not only will these videos convince you that Flawless works in just minutes, but you’ll also be amazed at what a great job it does tackling women’s top under eye aging concerns:  bags, wrinkling, dark circles, and puffiness.

To create these videos, we applied Flawless to the under eye area on just one side of the face, using 4 volunteers.  The results were filmed, and the videos contain no editing.  They allow you to see in real-time just how quickly Flawless gives women a more youthful  appearance.

Under Eye Bags

Our first video is of Maureen, a 61-year-old volunteer.  As you’ll see, Maureen has significant under eye bags.  Or at least she does until our researcher applies Flawless.

As you watch the video, Maureen’s under eye bag becomes virtually invisible in just seconds!



How’s that for an incredible transformation?  Having seen what Flawless did for Maureen, imagine what it could do for you!

Under Eye Wrinkles

There are few among us who have reached the age of 40 without developing under eye wrinkles.  Fortunately, Flawless addresses that problem too.

In a randomized study published by the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, the main peptide in Flawless, Argireline, was tested against a placebo.  Within 30 days, those individuals who used the placebo experienced no change in their wrinkles.  Argireline users, on the other hand, showed a 48.9% reduction in their wrinkles!

Want to see for yourself how well Flawless tackles under eye wrinkling? Check out our video of Patricia, age 63:


Although Patricia began the video with some under eye wrinkling and puffiness, by the end, she looked years younger.

Dark Circles

Nobody likes raccoon eyes.  Well, thanks to Flawless, you don’t have to have raccoon eyes anymore.  I know, right?  What can’t this anti-aging serum do?

To illustrate how Flawless minimizes the dark circles commonly found under the eyes, we created a video of our volunteer, Grace, age 62.

Take note of the very dark circle beneath the eye on your right:

As you can see, Grace’s under eye area is significantly lighter.

While she still has some residual darkness, she was thrilled to experience an improvement—having tried a number of various “solutions” over the years, she didn’t think anything was going to minimize the appearance of her dark circles.


The final complaint I most often hear from women concerns under eye puffiness.  This common condition can add years to a person’s appearance.  Or it would, were it not for Flawless.

In our final video, take a look at how Flawless minimizes 52-year-old Laurie’s under eye puffiness:

Not only does Laurie’s under eye area appear less puffy, but her skin also looks softer and smoother!

Now that you’ve seen the incredible transformations of our 4 volunteers, we know you probably have questions like…

How Long Does Flawless Last?

 The results of Flawless last between 6-8 hours when it’s applied properly.  However, because Flawless inhibits muscle contractions in the under eye area, wrinkles caused by ex
pressions will also decrease over time with regular usage.

Who Can Flawless Help?

 Flawless is designed for women in their 40s and beyond who want to reduce the visible signs of aging.  With its all-natural ingredients, most women with sensitive skin can use it, regardless of skin tone.

Where Can I Buy Flawless?

 As for where you can get your hands on this anti-aging breakthrough, it’s only available at our online truVitaliti store.  You can place your Flawless order by clicking here.

Like all of the skin care items in our truVitaliti product line, your purchase is entirely risk-free.  If you’re not completely satisfied, return Flawless to us within 60 days for a full refund.

Still on the fence about whether Flawless is right for you?  If so, ask yourself this, “What has my current eye care regimen done for me lately?”

If the answer is, “Not much,” you owe it to yourself to have a serum in your beauty arsenal that works.

Because don’t you deserve to look and feel your best?

We think so.

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