Four Simple Steps for Healthy, Beautiful Skin


four steps to healthy, beautiful skin

In my personal opinion, one of the biggest misconceptions within the skincare industry is that there’s a one-sized fits all solution for your daily beautification needs.  Over the past twenty years, I have had everyone from soccer moms to rock star divas to professional athletes ask me that very same question. Then they all look at me like I’m crazy when I say that EVERYONE needs a daily four-step process to keep their skin healthy and vibrant.

After all, aging does not discriminate and there are no shortcuts.  Either you’re taking care of your skin or you aren’t.

So before we get too far into this blog series, I want to provide you a fool-proof daily routine to make the most out of your skincare regimen.  And just so we are clear here, this is something that every adult female should do every single day of their life- regardless whether they’re 18 or 81.  It is especially important for us gals in our late thirties, forties and fifties, however, because that’s where all of our beach days and reckless abandon of our teenage years begin to catch up with us.

Step One-Use the Right Daily Cleanser

quality facial cleanser

If you only do one thing each day for your skin, then it should be using a daily cleanser properly.  Before we get to that though, I want to introduce you to a fancy scientific word that you need to add to your vocabulary.  Ready for it- it’s noncomedogenic.  In layman terms, that means something that won’t clog your pores and prevent natural oils from escaping.

Remember that; it is very important to spot on product labels- noncomedogenic.

After a good night’s rest, you need to use a daily cleanser in the morning to strip away those oils.  Minerals like magnesium and zinc help your skin find the proper balance, and make sure that you’re also using a cleanser that is designed for your specific skin type.  Repeat this process before going to bed at night in order to strip away any dirt, pollen and makeup that may be lingering.

Sep Two- Learn to Moisturize Effectively

skin moisturizer

As soon as you finish using your daily cleanser twice a day, you’ll want to follow it up with a quality moisturizer.  This ensures that your clean, absorbent skin pores will be able to lock in enough moisture throughout the day to stay soft and smooth.  It also minimizes the formation of wrinkles and better masks your current skin issues, so it’s definitely a win/win.

A quality moisturizer will likely come in a cream form and it will contain active ingredients such as glycerin, propylene glycol, mineral oil and lanolin.  Also, avoid products that contain any types of fragrances or dyes.  They can easily counter-act the benefits from your cleanser and moisturizer.

Step Three- Always Wear Sunscreen

SPF 30 Sunscreen

Additionally, I want you to get in the habit of applying sunscreen every morning before you leave the house, regardless what time of year it is or how much sun is in the sky.  A quality broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 is recommended by most physicians, although I’ll tell my clients with fair skin to consider up to SPF 100.  Since sunlight is the number one cause of skin-related issues as we age, it’s definitely not something to take lightly.

Here’s another tip- sunglasses and hats are far more than just a fashion accessory!  Wear them every chance you get for additional protection to the outside elements.

Also, let’s talk about moisturizers and other skincare products that contain sunscreen.  While I am certainly not against buying a combination product if that’s the only way you’ll remember to apply sunscreen each morning, it may also end up being a big waste of money if you’re buying a premium brand.  That’s because for every ounce of sunscreen that’s added, you’re getting that much less of the actual moisturizer you’ve purchased.

Step Four- Make the Most Out of Retinoids

proper use of retinoids

Last but not least, let’s talk about retinol- the active ingredient derived from Vitamin A that encourages the skin to produce more collagen.  Because without collagen, our skin loses its elasticity and begins to show imperfections- wrinkles, blemishes, and the whole enchilada.  So a product with quality levels of retinol has to be in your weekly skincare plan.

Retinoids come in two forms- the over the counter version of beauty products containing retinol, and prescription treatments with tazarotene, tretinoin, and adapalene.  All variations will also naturally exfoliate as well, which means that it’s a product that can definitely be over-used.  You’ll have to experiment to find the product with the right balance; back off a little if your skin starts to peel or shows signs of a rash forming.


  • Deborah Clark says:

    Thank you I hope when I get the product that it will work I feel this is my last resort for my face I make very little I’m a caregiver and don’t make much at all and no insurance I don’t know where to go from here, like I had said before my eyes bags are horrible and I have had regular people tell me most likely surgery will probably be the only real thing that will help so how am I supposed to feel I keep spending my life buying products that did nothing I would send back disappointed with all the money over the years at least 20 I am at the end of buying anymore products if I don’t get any results like you showed on your video as I am crying and hoping your product will help me I believe I have tried just about every face eye cream’s that has been out there and expensive creams from shopping mall stores to cheap eye and face products I keep trying and trying and I am just tired of it all after I get the product I will write or contact the company if the product is helping or not helping Thank you . Deborah Clark

  • Sharii Rey says:

    The under eye cream seems to work. I did one eye and it’s clear which is which. It works bette on bare skin, but can be applied after moisturizer. However, I find that I cannot put anything over the cream after it has dried. The bags are right back. I used powder this morning, except under my eyes. I would prefer using BB cream or tinted moisturizer, but it didn’t work. I have not gone outside, but if I cannot apply sunscreen, it isn’t going to work for me, except at night. But the product does work, to my delight. I have only seen one other product like this, but I doubt I can mention it, and it costs more, plus there is a lot of bad press on the other product because of the aggressive salespeople.

    • Beth Downs says:

      Hi Sharii, I highly recommend looking for a water based foundation to use over Truly Flawless. You can Google it and there are many options to choose from.

      • Rosalie Rowe says:

        Okay, so I can’t use my moisturizer or sunscreen under Truly Flawless? I need to use sunscreen!!

        • Beth Downs says:

          Flawless is best used for a night out, or an “event”. It is typically not something one would apply prior to spending hours outside in the sun. You can apply moisturizer underneath Flawless, but it’s recommended to apply Flawless to bare skin. You can use your moisturizer directly before bed time when Flawless is not used.

  • Linda Joplin says:

    Hi, I received the Tru Vitaliti the other day. I was amazed at the way it worked, as suggested, in a minute or two.
    The product worked. Others have not. And it was less expensive that buying the whole kit of products, the “stars”
    are touting. I am thankful for this product, Tru Vitaliti, truly.

    • Beth Downs says:

      Thanks for sharing, Linda! I do want to also mention that we’re in the process of releasing a new and improved formulation that is less gritty and is also packaged in a small tube, rather than sachet packets. This should allow for easier transporting and keeping things less messy 🙂 We’re in the process of testing out the new tube right now.

  • Joanne Masterson says:

    I am having the same issue. When i apply the cream, I can see that it works, but as soon as I add my concealer, it
    deactivates it. Any ideas?

  • Kat Diamond says:

    Despite gently massaging the packet and putting very little product on under moisturizer it still is very flaky what can I do?

    • Beth Downs says:

      Hey Kat, we have changed our formulation and therefor the application steps have also changed. Here is what you’ll need to do:

      1. Wash your face with soap or your favorite facial wash. It’s important to have a clean face prior to applying.
      2. Apply a very thin layer of Flawless to your under eye bags and/or crow’s feet area. Rub it in fully. (previously, you were told to leave wet. Don’t do that with this new formulation)
      3. Allow about 3-4 minutes to dry. No need to fan it. While it’s drying, you’ll feel your skin tighten and firm and if you only used a thin layer AND rubbed it in fully, you won’t notice white residue.

      I hope that helps!

  • Maria Gobetti (please don't publish full name) Maria G will do says:

    I’m using the packets but they are not so effective after the first time. I heat the packet up but it doesn’t seem to work the way it did the first time I opened it. I bought 3 boxes. What can I do? best, Maria G

    • Beth Downs says:

      Hi Maria, a couple of things:

      1. When you open, open only the corner.
      2. To reseal, squeeze the remaining formula down to the unopened end of the sachet. Then fold the top down once, maybe twice if you can. Then use a paper clip to seal it. This will allow the formula to remain moist.

  • Rosalie R. says:

    What about wearing moisturizer and sunscreen with Flawless? How do you do that?

    • Beth Downs says:

      Hi, you can apply moisturizer prior to applying Flawless, but should not put it over the top of Flawless.

      Also, it’s recommended to use Flawless on bare skin. You can apply your moisturizer before bed time, when Flawless is not needed.

  • Patricia Burs says:

    I used the Flawless for the first time this morning and I LOVE it!!! I rubbed in it real well. Under one eye I did have tiny white specks, but since I’m an old pro at using a different under eye product that sometimes did that, I get a Neutrogena makeup remover towelette and a sponge applicator – I buy them in bunches – the kind you use in eyeshadow. I squeeze the towelette into the applicator to get some of the lotion on it and carefully doctor up the white spots – just very lightly – and it takes care of them. I use a mineral type foundation/powder and it went over the Flawless just fine. It looked much better than the other product I had been using for years and always had to fight with to get rid of the powdery effect. Flawless is a wonderful product – just be patient and make sure you rub it in well – after some practice, you’ll find that you love it.

    • Beth Downs says:

      Thanks you for sharing your story with us, Patricia! And for the wonderful advice on covering up any leftover residue. For those that might be wondering specifically which foundation you use, do you happen to have the name of it?

  • Melinda says:

    Such a coincidence…just picked up my order from the mailbox and one moment later received this email about use. Be back to comment on product once I’ve had a chance to use.

  • Marion Wilson says:

    I love how the product tightens and takes away so much….but…I have white residue and that isn’t so great….help!

    • Beth Downs says:

      Hi Marion, I would recommend adjusting the amount you apply. It can take practice. Applying too much could cause the residue. Less is definitely more.

  • Maryanne Maguire says:

    Hi there. I just got my shipment; I ordered one of each product. Please can you give us guidelines when using all 3 products daily. Of course I wouldn’t use Flawless at my night routine unless going out of an evening. Thanks so much. Maryanne

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