Breakthrough Discovery Promises to Eliminate Wrinkles Completely


mitochondrial anti aging

There’s a medical term that I want you to write down and keep a very close eye on in the future- that term is “Mitochondrial complex II.”

European scientists have discovered earlier this year in a massive study that the metabolic enzyme mitochondrial complex II holds the key to premature aging, and it may mean that wrinkles can become a thing of the past at any age.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves quite yet though.

What makes this discovery so incredibly exciting is that scientists have never known for sure what changes within the body to allow wrinkles to form.  While they understood the aging process and how wrinkles form, they never quite knew exactly why- at least until now.

We all know that the sun causes damage to the skin’s outer epidermis and that the damage is largely irreversible, right?  The answer is both yes and no.


Think back to your teenage years and coming home with a blistering sunburn.  Your skin would swell, redden and possibly even peel, yet fresh new skin would appear right below the surface.  We also know that this repeated abuse eventually catches up to us in our 40’s and 50’s in the form of wrinkles- but why?  That’s the answer we haven’t been able to find.

Science now tells us that mitochondrial complex II is the reason why.

Mitochondrial can be found throughout cells in the body but its significance was not realized until recently.  It functions as an energy booster in cells so that they can fight off infection and ultimately repair damage, like the wrinkles caused by ultraviolet rays.  As we age, the levels of mitochondrial complex II diminish and our cells slow down…which is the actual catalyst for wrinkle formation.

In plain English, it means that mitochondrial complex II is directly responsible for our skin staying young and radiant.

Now that scientists know how they can slow or even eliminate wrinkles at the cellular level, it will open the doors to much more effective anti-aging products in the years to come.  The bad news is that science is likely 3-5 years away from a “ready to market” product, so don’t go tossing away your skincare regimen just yet.

Yet the good news is far too important to ignore; it is entirely possible that the near future could bring forth the end of wrinkles completely.  I will definitely keep my eyes peeled in the latest medical journals to bring you updates as soon as they are available.


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