The Seven Deadly Sins for Losing Youthful Skin


Skincare mistakes that advance aging

In the healthcare industry, we talk a lot about what types of skincare products to use and how to best treat existing issues such as wrinkles, red spots and discoloration.  However, we rarely seem to get around to talking about how we can avoid many of these problems altogether; or at least until the later stages of our lives.  Remember- the rate at which our skin ages is directly associated with our lifestyle.

So let’s take a look at the seven deadliest sins for premature aging, plus what you can put in place within your life to avoid premature aging as much as possible-

Put Some “Sweat Equity” in Life

Sweating leads to healthy skin

If you’re anything like some of my clients, then you might think that it is not feel very “ladylike” to get outside and sweat.  But if you’re concerned over taking the best possible care of your skin, then you should know that sweating is the body’s way of naturally flushing out toxins and other buildups through our pores.  Don’t have time for a full facial?  No problem.  Just jog three laps around your neighborhood to achieve a similar effect…all while cutting your stress levels, burning calories and boosting your overall fitness at the same time.

Stay Clear of Smoking

While physicians claim that nothing is harder on the skin than the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, the truth of the matter is that cigarette smoking comes awfully close.  Smoking restricts the blood vessels throughout our bodies and denies our skin the proper absorption of nutrients.  Since it also makes us more likely for a long list of other health-related complications later in life, you really need to put down those cigarettes as quickly as possible.  This also applies to other smokers around you at home/work; secondhand smoke can be just as dangerous.

Choose Better Eating Habits


Many of us have developed the habit of building our eating habits around “what tastes the best” instead of “what’s best for us”.  I am 100% guilty of it as well, so don’t think I’m judging here.  But in order for your skin to keep its maximum youthful glow, a balanced diet with the right combinations of vitamins and minerals is essential.  This not only means to choose healthier foods to include in your weekly diet, but eating proper portion sizes as well.  Every pound you lose in fat allows your body to function more efficiently as well, so better eating habits have to become a priority.

Stop Fretting Over Your Summer Tan

I’m not going to go into graphic detail about the dangers of the sun since it seems like I touch on it in just about every single blog post.  Instead, I’ll just remind you to invest in a broad spectrum sunscreen and get in the habit of using it daily.  Also, stay clear of tanning beds completely.  If you absolutely must have tanned features rolling into bikini season, then consider a bronzer or one of the many great spray-on tanning products on today’s market.

Make Alcohol Less of a Priority

Red Wine Skincare

A glass of red wine on occasion has numerous health benefits such as increased blood circulation and preventing heart disease.  Frequent alcohol usage, on the other hand, causes irreparable damage to our livers, limits our cells’ ability to regenerate, and leads to numerous other issues that cause premature aging.  So while this doesn’t necessarily mean to give up alcohol completely, try to limit all forms of casual drinking as much as possible.

Remain Active Whenever Possible

One of the worst things that can happen to us when we age is having a “senior mentality.”  Simply put, it is harder to carry out certain activities when we’re older, but that doesn’t mean we should sit back in a recliner and watch the Lifestyle channel all day either.  Being active is the number one way to extend health into our later years, and it is never too late to start rejuvenating our bodies.  Even a thirty minute walk after supper every evening can have long-lasting beneficial effects.

Seek Out a Skincare Specialist Early

Dermatologist for Better Skincare

Finally, remember that it is never too early to sit down and speak to a dermatologist about how your body is aging.  Contrary to popular belief, these types of physicians are not just for teens with acne or adults battling skin cancer.  There are doctors in your local area that specialize in anti-aging and they will have access to dozens of options that over the counter treatments simply cannot address.  For instance, a chemical imbalance or a thyroid issue could be the reason for premature aging.

Of course, there were dozens of other topics that could have made this list.  Finding ways to deal with stress is likely the biggest culprit of rapid aging that we haven’t talked about, while recreational drug use is also a major impediment.

The lesson to be learned by this article is that retaining healthy skin is a lifestyle choice that you can commit to right away.  It does require some sacrifices but I promise- your future self will thank you for it.


  • I agree as I do not smoke drink alcohol or do drugs. I use lotion at least twice daily and weigh and measure all my food. I also never drink soda regular or diet. Unfortunately can’t work out anymore due to 11 back surgeries.
    I am not a woman but since I am older and trying to find work, thought be best to look as young as possible as first impression is so important. I also use sun block/screen 50 and apply it every time I go outside.

    • Beth Downs says:

      It sounds like you’re doing all the right things, Joshua. 11 back surgeries? Ouch. I don’t know your current pain level, but I would recommend doing everything you can to maintain a strong core, as it will only weaken as we age, leading to more and more back issues. Start slow and work you way up. Something (even if it might not feel like much) is always better than nothing.

  • Helen Harper says:

    I would like to know what if one of the lotions does not do well on your skin? It cost me a lot of money and I can not just leave it . I can not find a phone number to call and talk to some one about this matter. Can you help me solve my problem? Thank you.

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