Four Date Night Tips to Bring Out a Youthful Glow


date night beauty tips

If we are being brutally honest with each other for a moment, it may seem silly that gals our age are about to chat about “date nights”.  That kind of stuff is for teenagers and newlyweds, right?

Hear me out for a moment.  Maybe we don’t consider it a “date” anymore after years with our significant others, but spending a night out on the town is just as important in our forties and fifties then back when we were single.  In fact, if you have kids (or grandkids) that demand every free moment of your existence on a daily basis, I would argue that date nights might be more important to you now than ever before…even if you don’t realize it yet.

So without further pause, here are my top five date night tips for looking your best on a Friday night.

Start with a Thorough Pampering

Date night beauty preparation

In my book, date night officially begins about twelve hours before the actual event.  That means you should take some extra time that day to fit in a manicure/pedicure, have your hair styled and maybe pick up a new outfit at the mall.  These hours before your date should be 100% dedicated to “you time” in order to have you in the perfect mindset for an evening of fun, relaxation and maybe even a little something more.

Once the hour is almost upon you, take a warm shower to open up those pores and apply a moisture mask to soften your skin.  Vitamin E oil does the trick in this situation as well.

Apply Just the Right Amount of Sparkle

Daily beautification

The secret to capturing your man’s attention starts with a great foundation around the eyes and lashes.  So after laying down just a touch of concealer, apply just the right touch of eyeshadow and then follow it up with a quick hint of mascara along the lashes.  The effect will make you look several years younger and your man is sure to notice.

Now for the other sparkle that matters- your smile!  I recommend grabbing some whitening strips a day or two before date night so your teeth will shine their brightest.

Pump Up the Volume of Your Hair

perfect date night hair

You may remember that in previous columns, I have talked about some the potential dangers of the industry’s latest hair styling tools since they can get so incredibly hot, so quickly.  But if you learn to use your favorite curling iron on the lowest possible setting shortly after getting out of the shower and lightly blow-drying your hair, it can create a fabulous look.

So here’s what you do.  Add some tight curls to your sexy lox as usual, but then I want you to use your fingers to break them up a little bit to appear more natural.  The look you’re aiming for is “effortless”, which you can keep in place with a quality styling cream.

Dress to Leave Him Breathless

dressing to impress on date night

Remember that trip to the mall from earlier?  Hopefully you picked out the perfect date night ensemble; which can range from a cute blouse to an upscale tee to a form-fitting sweater that shows off your neckline.  The important thing to remember here is that there are styles and cuts to show off your curves at any age, so you definitely don’t want to play it too safe.  Don’t forget to add a splash of perfume as well!

One final pointer for an age appropriate date night- make sure that you’re ready for anything the night may bring.  That means waxing/shaving in all the important regions, putting that pocket-sized mouthwash in the purse and that all-important lip balm.

Do you have any additional date night tips for us ladies?  Feel free to share them in the comment section below!

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